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Hide and Speak: A Coming Out Guide

Hide & Speak: a Coming Out Guide
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Coming out is easier with this
step-by-step guide.

Here is practical help with the coming-out process for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people—and anyone else with a story to tell. 

Real-life examples illustrate a powerful program of discovery, acceptance and appropriate disclosure. Each chapter includes tested, highly effective exercises used by author Kittredge Cherry in coming-out workshops nationwide. Find positive ways to:

• Come out to yourself

• Create a circle of supporters

• Deal with family

• Choose whether to stay “in the closet” at school or work

• Live proud, free and balanced—no matter what happen Hide and Speak guides readers on a journey that can change their lives.


Publisher: AndroGyne Press (Oct. 2006)
Price: $16.95
Paperback:  162 pages
(Reprint edition with new afterword. Original edition by Harper SanFrancisco, 1991.)


Read news and reviews of Hide and Speak:

Curve Magazine: Coming Out Goes Global

“Kitt Cherry takes us on a life-changing journey into those hidden places where our secrets lie waiting in the shadows. With examples that inspire and inform, she helps us understand the difference between secrets that kill and secrets that give life. How much suffering I could have avoided for myself and others if only I had read this book before blundering out of my own darkness into the light. This handbook for ‘coming out’ is not just for sexual minorities but for all people who struggle with secrets and their consequences. And don’t skip over the exercises at the end of each chapter. They work!”

—Rev. Dr. Mel White
Founder, Soulforce Inc., and author, Religion Gone Bad: The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right; came out publicly in 1993 after serving as ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell and other conservative Christian celebrities

“A deeply honest, perceptive book. Kittredge Cherry helps us all to understand that the journey into the fullness of humanity is identical with the journey into God. She comes out of her closet and calls her readers to do the same, no matter what their closets might be.”

—Bishop John Shelby Spong
Author, The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate in Search of the God of Love

In Hide and Speak, Kittredge Cherry achieved a wise, witty and wonderful balance, honoring human secrets yet at the same time teaching us why, when, and how to reveal them to others. This is a helpful guidebook, reader-friendly and timelessly relevant for people in all stages and walks of life—but especially for LGBT people who are thinking about opening their closet doors.”

—Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
Author, Omnigender and Sensuous Spirituality

“Coming out is the heroic deed that every gay person has to accomplish. A lifetime of happiness awaits. It helps to do it well. It helps to have a guide. Hide and Speak is just that guide. Kitt Cherry gives sensible and wise directions for the lesbian and gay hero journey.”

—Toby Johnson
Psychotherapist and author, The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell; former editor, White Crane: A Journal of Gay Men’s Spirituality

“The road to oneness with the authentic self is a process all of us must consciously undertake. Kitt Cherry has written a masterful book outlining that passage to maturity.  The human spirit aspires to intimacy with self, with our friends and, especially, our lover and, ultimately, with God. Kitt gives us directions for that journey. Her book is replete with extraordinary psychological and spiritual insights.”

—John McNeill
Psychotherapist and author, The Church and the Homosexual; ousted from the Jesuits by the Vatican for his ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics

“Cherry writes sincerely and gently about homosexual issues.”

Library Journal

“Wise and refreshingly practical, with true-to-life anecdotes and a ‘hands on’ feel. I think just about anyone who’s grappled with this problem would find the recovery steps 100 percent do-able.”

—Marie Lindquist
Author, Holding Back: Why We Hide Truths About Ourselves

 “This long-awaited book is a fine blend of sensitivity and pragmatism. Cherry’s wisdom can surely be of primary value for those who struggle in freeing themselves from secrets.”

—Marilyn J. Mason
Author, Making Our Lives Our Own

 “A refreshing and illuminating book. Kittredge Cherry shows that secrets are something to be honored—sometimes kept, sometimes revealed, but always respected for the light they shed on what makes us human.”

—David Crawford
Author, Easing the Ache