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Jesus in Love: At the Cross

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A passionate Jesus commits the ultimate act of love in At the Cross, the fictional autobiography of a bisexual Christ. He reveals the erotic, mystical experiences behind his arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection in the exciting new sequel to Jesus in Love: A Novel. Here Jesus transcends gender identity, sexual orientation, and ultimately death itself. Jesus has today’s queer sensibilities and psychological sophistication as he leads others into ecstatic union with God.

Although this is a sequel, there’s no need to read Jesus in Love first. At the Cross can stand alone in its own right.

Publisher: AndroGyne Press (Feb. 1, 2008)
Price: $18.95
Paperback: 310 pages


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Curve Magazine: A risky and difficult approach, nonetheless, beautifully executed.

Midwest Book Review: A brilliantly written novel… highly recommended

Tikkun Magazine: A powerful celebration of Jesus’ message of love.

“A real tour de force in transforming traditional myth to modern consciousness”

—Toby Johnson, author of Gay Spirituality and former editor of White Crane: A Journal of Gay Spirit

“Utilizing all the throbbing colors of human passion, this mystical novel depicts Jesus as the eager Lover of every human being who is open to the divine Spirit, and as the essence of every holy relationship, same-sex or otherwise. At the same time it brings to life the familiar stories of Palm Sunday, Christ’s sufferings, death and resurrection, and Pentecost, ending with an invitation to the reader to become part of an ongoing celebration of Love. Kittredge Cherry has painted a daring and challenging portrait of an omnigendered, sensuous Christianity.”

—Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D., author of Omnigender, co-author of Transgender Journeys


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